Implementation of SDGs 3


3. Good Health and Well-being

3.3. Collaborations and health services

3.3.1 Current collaborations with health institutions

The Faculty of Psychology has collaborated with a variety of local, national, and global institutions. The collaboration includes both academic and non-academic cooperation. In 2021, the Faculty of Psychology collaborated with National Brain Centre Hospital (Rumah Sakit Pusat Otak Nasional Prof. Dr. dr. Mahar Mardjono Jakarta) in conducting research on the development of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) based interventions for chronic pain patients. 

Evidence: Document

3.3.2. Health outreach programmes

The Faculty of Psychology hosts activities focused on mental health regularly. These activities could be planned by the faculty, organizations affiliated with the Faculty of Psychology, collaboration with other organizations and institutions, or students working under the supervision of the faculty.

PSYHope and UI Sehat Mental are examples of the student-organized initiatives for mental health promotion. PSYHope offers peer counseling service and holds public seminars to help encourage mental health awareness. Meanwhile, UI Sehat Mental is a mental health promotion movement under the Faculty of Psychology’s Student Executive Board (BEM). With these programmes, the Faculty of Psychology aims to promote mental health and improve the well-being of the local community.

Evidence: Document

3.3.3. Shared sports facilities

The Faculty of Psychology has a sports field near the canteen. This sports field can be used by everyone in the University of Indonesia to play basketball, football, and volleyball. It also can be used for other activities, including art and social events.

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3.3.4. Free sexual health care for students

Universitas Indonesia offers free health services for students that are provided by UI Satellite Clinic, giving students access to sexual and reproductive health-care services. UI Satellite Clinic provides various physical and mental health services, including psychological counseling, health check-up, sexual and reproductive health services.

Evidence: Document

3.3.5. Mental health support

As the faculty that mainly promotes mental health, the Faculty of Psychology also provides mental health support for its students, staff/employees, and the public. Klinik Terpadu is one of the examples for that purpose. Klinik Terpadu provides counseling and various kinds of psychological tests services (e.g. children assessment of children with special needs, aptitude test, IQ test, and employee assessment). For students of the Faculty of Psychology as well as its employees, they could access the counseling service at Klinik Terpadu for free. As for the general public, a counseling session with a senior psychologist is charged Rp225.000, while with junior psychologist Rp170.000. Klinik Terpadu opens every Monday to Friday at 08.00-16.00 WIB and is located inside the Faculty of Psychology area near the parking lot.

Other than Klinik Terpadu, the Faculty of Psychology also organizes events related to mental health regularly. These events could be organized by the faculty itself, institutions under the Faculty of Psychology, coordination with other organizations and institutions, or organized by students under the supervision of the faculty.

One of the examples of mental health support that is organized by the students is PSYHope. PSYHope provides peer counseling that could be accessed freely. The peer counselors are the students of the Faculty of Psychology that have been trained to give mental first aid to their peers. PSYHope also routinely organized seminars for the public to further promote mental health.

Evidence: Document

3.3.6 Smoke-free policy

Based on the Rector’s Decree number 1805/SK/R/UI/2011 concerning the Universitas Indonesia No-Smoking Areas (KTR UI), Universitas Indonesia has developed a smoking-free area within the campus area since 2011. In order to give more thorough information and a uniform reference regarding the application of KTR UI, these technical guidelines have been created. There are also signs that say “No smoking area” displayed inside the campus area.

Evidence: Technical Guidelines and Rector’s Decree concerning the Universitas Indonesia No-Smoking Areas (KTR UI)

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