Master of Psychological Science

The Psychology Magister Degree is a continuation of the bachelor degree level of education (S2) at the psychology faculty in Universitas Indonesia. Students take this degree in order for bachelor degree students or equal to be able to further develop and apply knowledge, technology, arts and culture through scientific research. The magister program has obtained “A” mark from the Indonesian Collage Accreditation Body (BAN-PT) based on accreditation letter from BAN-PT No. 1683/SK/BANPT/Ak-PPJ/M/III/2020. To this day the Magister degree program has created 728 graduates that has already put their knowledge to work on many field.

Vision : To become the lead in research and education in magister level field that is based on research, cross cultural and urban oriented and to take action on national level and to take action in south east Asian level.


To develop magister level psychology education in order to create graduates that is competent, professional, and act in accordance with scientific basis.

To create scientific creation in the field of psychology that area cross-cultural and urban oriented.

To socialize and spread their scientific creation through national and international publications

To push the academic community to share their knowledge through national or international network

Study Program Competence

1 Main Competence

  1. To be able to evaluate psychology concept and theory regarding individual, group, organizational, and urban society level which is consist of :
    • Having a strong curious mind to understand the concept and psychological approach
    • Be able to gap in theory and fact that happen within individual, group, organization, and urban society level.
    • To formulize psychological theory studies in the form of thesis/proposition/and hypothesis that will be further developed into new alternative theory
  2. Be able to analyze various problem at individual, group, organizational, and urban society level based on concept and psychology theory backed with logical, critical, systematic, and creative thinking which consist of
  • To understand psychological trend or issues that currently are developing in the academic field or in the common society
  • Be able to utilize psychological knowledge and scientific invention on the field of psychology to explain the symptoms that form in society
  • To be able to use Psychological knowledge and scientific invention on the field of psychology as a base to handle symptoms that appear in society
  1. Be able to handle psychological scientific research that utilize monodisciplinary psychology approach, inter or multidiscipline to answer psychological problems at individual level, group level, and society, which consist of:
  • Be able to organize research that are orientated towards the advancement of the field of psychology
  • Be able to decide which theory is relevant towards the problems that are currently being faced.
  • Be able to decide on which research method that is correct to test out hypothesis or to answer the research question
  • Be able to understand the principle on how to create measuring tools that are related to the research topics
  • Be able to fully utilize data collection and data analysis.
  1. Be able to communicate ideas, thoughts, and research result whether it’s verbally or through writings clearly.
    • Be able to write research result into thesis format based on the current standard form.
    • Be able to express thoughts into writing based on the current writing format.
    • Be able to communicate plan/research result into scientific forum and renowned scientific journal
    • Be able to develop cooperation network with the psychological research community
  2. Be able to cultivate a professional relations in accordance with the Indonesian psychological ethics:
  • Able to effectively communicate verbally or through writings
  • Able to cultivate a professional relationship with other colleagues.

Supporting competence:

  • Be able to regulate oneself as an everlasting student that continues to learn.
  • Open minded (Be willing to accept critic and differences) critical thinker, and willing to defend one’s idea, persistent.
  • Have a wide ranging knowledge (Locally and globally) when looking at problems.

Other competence:

  • Have an unwavering integrity,
  • Respect others.
  • Able to use Information and Communication Technology.
  • Able to use spoken and written language in Bahasa Indonesia and English for academic and non-academic purposes.
  • Have an entrepreneurial way of thinking based on innovation, independence and ethics.
  • Have an awareness and care for the environment, community, the people, and the nation.

Education Purpose

This program has a purpose to create graduates with the following competency :

  • Able to develop knowledge on the field of psychology.
  • Able to design and do research independently to further and to apply the psychological field.
  • Able to continue studies to the s-3 level in order to acquire the doctorate degree in psychology as with the current requirement.
  • Able to use problematical approach based on psychology principles.

Academic Activities

The program’s academic activities last for 4 semesters, for non-psychology bachelor major last for 5 semester (1 semester for matriculation + 4 semester) On the forth semester students are required to create a thesis. 6 semesters is the limit for the study duration.

Study time :

Monday to Friday from 08:00-16:00 WIB (Psychology Major)


  • Industry and Organization Psychology
  • Education Psychology
  • Social Psychology
  • Development Psychology
  • Personality Psychology

Academic Title

Graduates from the postgraduate scientific program from the psychology faculty of Universitas Indonesia have the right to the title magister science, M. Si for short

Academic Pricing

Education Operational Fee : Rp. 17.000.000

Entry Tuition Fee : Rp. 14.000.000

Fee’s Information

Information regarding registration can be seen in the following link:

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