Psychology Doctoral Degree

The Psychology Study Program at the Doctoral Level (S3) Faculty of Psychology, University of Indonesia organizes psychology education at the doctoral level to produce graduates who are competent, uphold ethics and excel in innovation in the field of psychology, as well as to generate new knowledge that contributes to strategies at the national and international levels .


To be a leader in the implementation of doctoral-level psychology education and research at the national level and take on a role at the Southeast Asian level.


  1. Organizing a doctoral level psychology education that is able to compete at the Southeast Asian level;
  2. Produce competent graduates, uphold ethics, and excel in innovation in the field of psychology;
  3. Generate new knowledge in psychology that considers cultural aspects and has a strategic contribution to answer the actual needs of the community in the urban context at the national and international level.


  1. Able to evaluate and develop psychological concepts and theories to explain and predict various psychological phenomena in individuals, groups, organizations, and communities;
  2. Able to select, carry out and report psychological research that is appropriate, current, advanced, and provides benefits to mankind in the context of developing and/or producing problem solving in the fields of science, technology, art, or society;
  3. Able to develop a roadmap for research/development of psychological knowledge exposed to interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary, or transdisciplinary approaches/perspectives, for selected in-depth topics;
  4. Able to effectively communicate orally and in writing and publish research results and or academic studies in reputable international journals;
  5. Be ethical and professional in conducting research and professional practice activities.


“To create doctorates that is able to develop psychological knowledge with innovative, independent, and ethical creation to solve human problems/social-community problem.”


  • S1 and S2 Graduates (All Majors) with requirement that one of the majors must be psychology related.
  • S2 With marks minimal 3.25 that is obtained from:
  1. Accredited National University
  2. Accredited Private Universities with Diplomas Equaled by Kopertis
  3. Foreign University with diplomas that have been received equivalence degree from the National Ministry of Education or the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education of the Republic Indonesia.
  • Attaching a legalized S1 and S2 Diplomas
  • For Foreign Nationals (WNA) with adequate Indonesian language skills to take part in the postgraduate program and obtained a study permit from the Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education, is also required to include Bahasa Indonesia Language course certificate as a proof.
  • For graduates from overseas university, the diploma must be recognized by the Indonesian Ministry of Education.
  • Able to commit full time for academic studies activities and have a study permit from the organization/corporation for those that are working. The Study permit must be uploaded with the required diploma.


  • The student selection process for Universitas Indonesia’s Psychology Doctorate Program is made of two phase, namely:
    • Academic Selection and Documents Selection. Academic selection is carried out through a written exam with Academic Potential Test and an English Test. Document Selection is carried out through examination of uploaded files, namely copies of diplomas that has been legalized as well as letters of recommendation. Prospective student are declared to have passed the academic selection if they get an Academic Potential test score of >550 and an English Language test score of >550.
    • Preproposal Interview Selection. After being declared to have passed the Academic Potential Test and English test, prospective participants are required to submit documents for consideration for the second stage of selection (Interview) Documents need to be sent online to and also hardcopy need to be send (All need to be 2 files/copy):
      • Dissertation Research Proposal
      • Curriculum Vitae
      • Recommendation from 1) Direct Supervisor (For those that are Working) and 2) Academic Instructor or S2 Thesis Instructor.
      • Motivational Statement
      • Abstract of S2 Thesis
      • Scientifict works that has been produced for the past 5 years (Title, Table of Contents, Introduction), especially those that are related to the field that is has become their focus.


Rp 21.000.000 – Operational Education Fee (BOP)
Rp 15.000.000 – Admittance Fee (UP)

Fee’s Information

For more information regarding registration can be seen on the following link:


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