Chapter I



A r t i c l e 1

The workload of each educator is the amount of work that must be carried out by a lecturer at a National University as an Institutional task in the implementation of higher education functions as stipulated in Government Regulation no.5, 1980, article 26.

The institutional task is the work within the limits of the higher education functions that are carried out on a scheduled or unscheduled basis by educators who:

  1. Assigned by the head of the higher education institution to be carried out at the University or Institute level, Faculties, Major, Head of Laboratories, or Studios and Halls;
  2. Carried out on an individual or group Initiative and Approved, recorded, and the result submitted to the head of the university to be assessed by other colleagues.
  3. Carried out in the framework of cooperation from parties outside the Institution that are approved, recorded and the results are submitted through the head of university,

A r t i c l e 2

The workload of Educators on National Higher Education Institution is stated on the Teaching Time Equalizer (EWWP) That equates to 38 hours of work per week, which is the mandatory working hour of a civil servant as a compensation to salaries and other benefits received from the state.

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