Psychology Undergraduate Study Program

The Universitas Indonesia Psychology Major has a goal to create psychology graduates that can create and do variety of research and under supervision nonclinical intervention to clear up problems based on academic research and behavioral changes principles of individual, group, organization, or urban society psychological symptoms with ethical basis and professionally, so that they can work on the field or research, human resources development, industry training, and other fields that has a connection with human behavior.

Vision, to become Asia’s top in research based psychology education to increase the quality of human lively hood itself.


  1. To carry out education for a psychological research based graduate that hold ethics highly and act critically, creatively, and innovative.
  2. To develop research, community service, and publications based on urban and cross cultural publications to support a research based psychology education.
  3. To create graduates that’s competent, cares for social issues, and able to compete nationally and internationally.

Psychology Major’s Competency

  1. Able to clear up psychological problems on individual level, group level, organizational level, or urban society level.
  2. Able to create and carry out various under supervision research, based on theory and the correct psychological approach to clear up problems on individual, group and urban society level.
  3. Able to create various non-clinical intervention under supervision research, based on theory and the correct psychological approach to clear up problems on individual, group and urban society level.
  4. Have the integrity, positive attitude, and skills in interpersonal relations.
  5. Able to take advantage of technological advancement to be able to compete in work.
  6. Able to develop oneself and apply ethical values and professionality on their tasks.


Requirement: High School/Vocational School/Madrasah/Equal with maximum of two years from graduation year (Reguler) and no limit on graduation year (Pararel)

Selection Process: SIMAK, SBMPTN, SNMPTN, Invitational route (Reguler, Pararel) and through student’s report card, and talent scouting (International Class)

Acceptance Requirement : Student that are accepted to carry out their education on UI Psychology Major are students that has passed and accepted through the new students enrollment system.

Academic Activities

Studies last up to 8 semester (4 Years) with 12 semester as maximum (6 Years) With study credit equal to 144 credits.

Studies are conducted from Monday to Friday.

Lectures are conducted at UI Psychology Faculty in UI Campus in Depok.

Educational Title

S1 (Bachelor Degree) Can be to up to 4 years and the achieved title is Sarjana Psikologi (S. Psi). In order to to become a psychologist one needs to achieve graduate degree and achieve a S2 Magister degree program.

Student Activities

At the campus there are many ways for the student to self-actualize and develop oneself, from the Student executive board (BEM) to Student discussion Body. The student executive board facilitates and support students through many programs whether if it’s in the field of educations and social, arts and culture and sports.

The Student affairs (UKM) are an autonomous organization that facilitates affairs that handle the student’s spiritual needs through Ukuwah forum and Islamic Studies (FUSI), Catholics student family (KMK), Oikmene Civil Alliance (PO) and more. In order to facilitates the students interest and student groups, BEM has BKBEM as a support group and many clubs that has a routine schedule in photography, dances, futsal, basketball, Japanese culture, theater, music, and nature.

Information for admission can be seen on the link below

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