Implementation of SDGs 11


11. Sustainable Cities and Communities

11.2. Support of arts and heritage

11.2.4. Public access to green spaces

The area of the Faculty of Psychology is surrounded by many trees, including the banyan trees and kapok trees, that make the Faculty of Psychology look beautiful. We also have Taman Akademos that is located between buildings A, B, D and E, various small gardens located in each building, and a quite large garden located behind building D, which we named as Taman Firdaus. Gardens and green spaces in the Faculty of Psychology are open to the public and can be visited for free.

Evidence: Document

14.2.5 Arts and heritage contribution

The Faculty of Psychology actively contributes to preserving cultural heritage. In the Faculty of Psychology, students and staff are encouraged to wear traditional Indonesian clothing, Batik, at least once a week. In fact, the Faculty of Psychology made Batik as one of the employees’ uniforms. The Faculty of Psychology also has a traditional dance group called Kencana Pradipa. In Kencana Pradipa, the students can learn various Indonesian traditional dances and music. Kencana Pradipa performed Indonesian traditional dances both competitively and as a guest on various occasions.

Evidence: Kencana Pradipa YouTube Channel

11.4. Sustainable practices

11.4.2. Promote sustainable commuting

The Faculty of Psychology strives to promote sustainable commuting by making a notice regarding the limitation of car parking areas at the faculty in hopes that students, staff, and guests will prefer to use public transportation or walk when they are going to and from the faculty. We also have pedestrian paths that prioritize comfort and consider human aspects, such as circulation, nature and climate, safety, cleanliness, and beauty.

Evidence: Document

11.4.6. Pedestrian priority on campus

Pedestrian paths in the Faculty of Psychology are equipped with facilities for people with visual impairment. We also prioritize comfort and consider human aspects, such as circulation, nature and climate, safety, cleanliness, and beauty when we build the pedestrian paths. In the Faculty of Psychology, we also separate vehicle and pedestrian paths to ensure the pedestrian’s safety, installing streetlights, and paths that could be used by people with disability, such as ramp and tactile paving.

Evidence: Document

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