Minister of State Owned Company Erick Thohir: Human Capital is The Key for a Strong and Sustainable Indonesian Economy

Depok, 13 June 2022. On the 62th Birthday event of the faculty of psychology of Universitas Indonesia, the minister of state owned company (BUMN), Erick Thohir, B.A., M.B.A., stated the currently has risen to 5.2% previously 3.7% on 2021. According to Erick, Indonesia is trying to increase the economic growth every year so that Indonesia can become the 4th developed nation on 2045.

According to him, human capital is one of the keys to develop the Indonesian economy. BUMN has established various program in order to increase human resources (SDM), one of such program is the certified student internship (PPMB) in which more than 7000 student has joined the program. This program’s purpose is to make preparation for the millennial so that they can compete on both National and International level, in addition to bring change that will make the nation proud.

BUMN has targeted that in 2023, it will increase the millennial workspace environment at 10% and to increase position for female leader for 25%. Erick Thohir said that gender equality is one of the key to increase a strong and sustainable Indonesia.

A conducive, health, and friendly work environment  is one of the aspect for a successful individual to achieve full work potential. Therefor the application of a Respectful Workplace Policy (RWP) in order to create a dynamic, productive and non-discriminatory work Environment.

“Indonesia has to be able to face the new challenges that arise in the future. These challenges forces us to be able to adapt, synergize, and grow to create a strong Indonesia. The advances of technology and digitalization to support advances in many field, including the economy. Economy is one that held an important role in order to increase the prosperity of the Indonesian People.” Said Erick Thohir in the webminar titled “Strategy in order to build a strong Indonesia and constant grow.” Sunday (12/06).

According to UI’s Rector Prof. Ari Kuncoro, S.E., M.A., Ph.D., the Covid-19 pandemic has given many lesson and challenge in order for Indonesia to walk forward and grow. Even though the country face many crisis including those from economic aspect, it also can’t be argued those changes has brought the country to use many innovation and research in order to create an Indonesia that has a sustainable growth.

“Through this webinar, I hope that together, we can learn the strategy in national, organizational, and even individual level in order to face the situation for a better Indonesia” said Prof. Ari

On the same occasion, Chief Corporate Human Capital PT Astra International Tbk., Ir. Aloysius Budi Santoso, M.M. stated that there are three keys in order to recover on a post-pandemic world, and that is to expand peace; flexibility and quickness; and to create a social resilience. Aloysius stated that his company is one of those companies that affected by the pandemic. This is the second crisis that it has faced ever since the 1998 economic crisis making the company to almost face bankrupt. However through hard work , passion and the strength of its employee, his company is able stand firm to this day. That way in order to build passion someone need a long process and many obstacle that we will face.

Psychologist and a member of the faculty of psychology UI board of professor, Prof. Dr. Elizabeth Kristi Poerwandari, M.Hum., said that humanity is forced to be perfect because of demands and changes in their environment. During the pandemic the application of the work from home system has demanded individual to be perfect even though they work from home (WFH). Pushing individual to be perfect even though they did remote work. When applying it to scheme it can be said that technology is crucial in order to help people with their work.

Technology have 5 characteristics that can help an individual with their work. Firstly it’s real time so that it can move forward non-stop

Secondly is that it is without limit crossing both space and time, thirdly it’s more optimal and with low cost. Forth is that it’s more effective, efficient, advanced and develop by itself, last but not least it can reach much faster, more accurate, persistent, and more broad.

“In order to face obstacle and changes, self-development is important for an individual to protect themselves from threat. Only through fulfilled needs can human achieve happiness in their lives.  Individual independence is one of the most important so that human can achieve innovation, research, other things that has value.” Said Prof. Elizabeth, who also the founder of west java Indonesian Women’s Association for Justice and Legal Aid Institute (LBH APIK).

This public seminar Is one the frame of faculty of psychology 62th anniversary. The event was moderated by Najelaa Shihab, writer for more than 20 book on the field of education. The event was broadcasted through zoom meeting and is attended for more than 600 participants. At the end of the session, the Dean for the Faculty of Psychology Dr. Bagus Takwin, handed digital certificate to the three speaker, Erick Thohir, Ir. Aloysius, and Prof. Elizabeth. With documentation session the national seminar is ended.

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