Our Prominent Alumni

1. Prof. Dr. Fuad Hassan

Prof. Dr. Fuad Hassan was an education figure in Indonesian. Mr. Fuad served as Minister of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia from 1985-1993. During his tenure as Minister of Education and Culture, Mr. Fuad had given notable contributions to various strategic policies. One of his policies was to decentralizing the implementation of the National Level Final Learning Evaluation (EBTANAS) and changing the use of undergraduate degrees. After ending his term as Minister of Education and Culture, Mr. Fuad was subsequently appointed as a member of the National Advisory Council (known as DPA). Previously, he served as the Indonesian ambassador to Egypt and a member of the People’s Consultative Assembly of the Republic of Indonesia (known as MPR RI) . Apart from a career in government, Mr. Fuad Hassan was a professor of psychology at Universitas Indonesia and has served as dean at the Faculty of Psychology Universitas Indonesia. Mr. Fuad took his undergraduate degree at the Faculty of Psychology, Universitas Indonesia in 1958, then continued his master’s degree at the University of Toronto Canada, and completed his Doctorate degree at the Faculty of Psychology, Universitas Indonesia in 1967. In addition, he also obtained the Honoris Causa Doctor degree in Political Science from Kyungnam University, Seoul in 1990 and Doctor Honoris Causa in Philosophy from Universiti Kebangsaan, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in the same year.




2. Prof. Dr. Sarlito Wirawan

Prof. Dr. Sarlito Wirawan was a Professor of Psychology at Universitas Indonesia, psychologist, researcher, practitioner and author of many books on psychology. Prof. Sarlito completed his Bachelor’s degree of Psychology from Universitas Indonesia in 1968. He then earned a doctorate degree from Universitas Indonesia and the University of Leiden, The Netherlands. He then continued his studies at Edinburgh University, Scotland and took a Diploma in Community Development. Prof. Sarlito has served as Lecturer and Dean of the Faculty of Psychology, Universitas Indonesia (1997-2004) and Head of the Police Science Study Program (2007-2012) at the Postgraduate Program of Universitas Indonesia. As a writer and researcher Prof. Sarlito focused on several social issues, such as the welfare of the people, family planning or planning parenthood programs, street children, settlements, traffic to terrorism issues. Prof. Sarlito was also often invited to be a guest lecturer at various universities abroad and was active in various Psychological organizations such as APA (American Psychological Association), ICP (International Council of Psychologists), SPSSI (Society of Psychological Studies on Social Issues) and many others. He also won many awards in the field of psychology, namely Most Dedicated Psychologist from the International Council of Psychologists (2012), Outstanding International Psychologist from APA Division 52 (2013), and Lifetime Achievement from the Social Psychology Association.




3. Prof. Dr. Saparinah Sadli

Prof. Dr. Saparinah Saldi is an academic, motivator, community activist for gender equality and human rights, especially women. In 1998 Mrs. Sap initiated the formation of the National Commission on Violence against Women (known as Komnas Perempuan). She led the National Commission on Violence against Women until 2004. During her tenure at the National Commission on Violence against Women , Mrs. Sap was always the foremost figure fighting for women’s rights. She urged the government to acknowledge and apologize for the incidents of sexual violence against a number of ethnic Chinese women during the May 1998 riots. Since that incident, sexual violence in the area where the military operate has begun to expose. Mrs. Sap also initiated the establishment of the Universitas Indonesia Women’s Study Center and was active in the National Human Rights Commission (Known as Komnas HAM), Joint Fact Finding Team (known as TGPF) for the May 1998 riots, the Friends Community of the Firm Elderly (known as Komunitas Sahabat Lansia Tangguh), dan Women’s Health Foundation (known as YKP). Currently Mrs. Sap continues to write, active in several research and has published several books on gender and reproductive health. Mrs. Sap studied Bachelor of Psychology Universitas Indonesia in 1961 and took her doctoral degree program in 1976.




4. Effendi Ibnoe

Mr. Effendi Ibnoe is the Director & Chief Human Energy Officer of PT. Intraco Penta Tbk. (INTA), a Heavy Equipment Total Solutions and Infrastructure company. Prior to INTA, he has 32 years of working experience in the Human Resources area, namely in IBM Indonesia, General Electric company, Permata Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, and Bakrie & Brothers Services.He had undergraduate degree from Psychology at Universitas Indonesia in 1982, and MM/MBA degree from IPMI International Business School in 2014. Mr. Effendi’s key areas of professional competence include Talent Development & Management, Leadership Development, Industrial Relations, Reward Management, Business Ethics & Compliance, and Good Corporate Governance. Mr. Effendi Ibnoe teaches in BBA program classes at IPMI International Business School.




5. Dra. Niniek L Karim

Dra. Niniek L. Karim is a Lecturer at the University of Indonesia as well as a senior actress. Niniek won the Citra Award for Best Supporting Female Actor in several films in 1986 and 1989. Niniek also won the Best Actress at the Asia Pacific Film Festival in 1990. She has been interested in art since studying at the Faculty of Psychology Universitas Indonesia. Ninie was part of the Faculty of Psychology Universitas Indonesia theater group and often represents the faculty to participate in theater competitions. Apart from being an actress and as a psychology graduate, Niniek also has a career as a practitioner and lecturer in Psychology. Niniek was often invited to be a speaker in various seminars and gave her views to various media regarding the relationship between psychology and media such as film and theater.




6. Dr. Tri Iswardani A., M.Si., Psikolog

Dra. Tri Iswardani A., M.Sc, Psikolog is a lecturer at the Faculty of Psychology Universitas Indonesia and the president of EMDR Asia. As the President of EMDR Asia, one of Mrs. Tri Iswardani’s duties is to be responsible for holding EMDR conferences and training. In addition, as an EMDR accredited psychologist, Mrs. Tri was often asked to provide training in Psychotraumatology & Emotion Stabilization Techniques and EMDR for the Association of Indonesian Psychology Associations, Integrated Clinics, Faculty of Psychology Universitas Indonesia, Faculty of Psychology at Gajah Mada University, Recovery Foundation (known as Yayasan Pulih) and used EMDR interventions in handling various cases of trauma. Psychotraumatology Training & Emotion Stabilization Techniques aims to teach students about the psychological aspects of trauma and trains students to do emotional stabilization. Apart from serving as a lecturer and president of EMDR Asia, Mrs. Tri is also active in practicing at Puri Cinere Hospital. Mrs. Tri earned her degree after completing her education at Universitas Indonesia in 1984 and 1995.






7. Dr. Livia Istania DF Iskandar, M.Sc., Psikolog

Dr. Livia Istania DF Iskandar, M.Sc., Psikolog has been serving as the Vice Chairman of Witness and Victim Protection Agency, Republic of Indonesia (known as LPSK RI) from 2019. Under her leadership, LPSK RI provided protection for fourteen crime victims who are also people with disabilities. As representative of LPSK RI, Livia signed an agreement with the Government of West Sumatra related to provision of assistance and protection for witnesses and/or victims of crime in the West Sumatra Province, socialization of LPSK RI services and other related activities. In 2020, Livia gave press conference on the importance of legalization of Sexual Violence Elimination Bill.
Prior to serving as Vice Chairman of LPSK RI, Livia was active at Pulih Foundation, the NGO focusing on trauma recovery and psychosocial intervention that she co-found. Her passion in working with communities is very valuable in designing training education and providing psychoeducation, especially for those who lived in the village and isolated islands in Indonesia. Livia earned her bachelor degree and psychological professional degree from Faculty of Psychology, Universitas Indonesia. She received scholarship to pursue her Master of Science degree in Psychological Counselling in the City University, London and also her Doctor of Public Health educational program in the University of Hawaii, Honolulu, United States.







8. Dra. Diennaryati Tjokrosuprihatono, M.Psi

Dra. Diennaryati Tjokrosuprihatono, M.Psi was the Indonesian Ambassador of Ecuador for the 2016-2020 period. During her time as ambassador, Dieny continuously tried introducing Indonesia to Ecuador, and one of the ways was by presenting Indonesia’s culture through culinary delights. In 2018, Dieny was awarded the Eloy Alfaro Award from the Ecuadorian Journalists Confederation for her active role in enhancing bilateral relations between Ecuador and Indonesia. Before becoming an ambassador, Dieny started her career as a civil servant at University of Indonesia in 1985 and had served as the Deputy Dean IV for Research, Cooperation and Development, and also as the Deputy Dean II for Non-Academic Affairs, both in Faculty of Psychology Universitas Indonesia (2004-2008). Dienny is also known for her contribution towards education in Indonesia, she was a member of the Sub-Consortium Team for Mother and Child Education in the Ministry of National Education, Diklusepora (1987-1989), a member of Kindergarten’s Curriculum Development Team in the Ministry of Education and Culture (1987-1988), and one of the founders of the Maraka Child Development Park in 2008. Dienny took her Bachelor and Masters degree at Faculty of Psychology Universitas Indonesia.






9. Ifandi Khainur Rahim, S.Psi

Ifandi Khainur Rahum, S.Psi, or well known as Evan, is the founder, CEO, and mentor of Satu Persen – Indonesia Life School. After graduation in 2018 he established PT. Satu Persen Indonesia Life School, an educational start-up that shares about the important life skills and knowledge that are not yet taught in schools and societies in general. Currently, Satu Persen has produced more than 25 mental health-themed webinars, has more than 1 million followers in social media, and helped more than 10.000 people to strive for a better version of themselves. Before establishing Satu Persen Evan had also worked for several startups, for example as the Product Manager at Zenius. He earned his bachelor degree in psychology from the Faculty of Psychology, Universitas Indonesia. While in college, he had been active in several organizations and also had served as the Chairman of the Student Executive Board of Faculty of Psychology Universitas Indonesia in 2018.




10. Dr. Wiwin Dwi Handayani, M. Si., Psikolog

First Admiral TNI Dr. Wiwin Dwi Handayani, M. Si., Psikolog has been becoming Head of Psychology Department (Kadispsial Mabesal) at Indonesian Naval Forces for the period of 2020-2022. As the Head of Psychology Department at Indonesian Naval Forces, Wiwin is in charge to organize the functions of human resources development of TNI AL in the field of Psychology, striving towards personal achievement and effectiveness as well as the soldier’s behavior, which are manifested in the management of Indonesian Navy’s psychological services such as evaluation or promotion, consultation, training and assessment center. Her career in the army started when she enrolled at Voluntary Officer School (as known as Sepa Milsuk). In 2008 Wiwin graduated from her last military school which was Indonesian Navy Command and Staff School. Prior to her current position which was Kadispal Mabesal, she had served as the Service Secretary (2018), Head of Subdivision Psipers (2016), and Head of Subdivision Psitera (2013). Wiwin is an alumni of the Faculty of Psychology Universitas Indonesia, class of 1985.






11. Dr. Rose Mini Agoes Salim, M.Psi., Psikolog

Dr. Rose Mini Agoes Salim, M.Psi, Psikolog or better known as Bunda Romi or Romi is a psychologist, lecturer, and education practitioner. She founded Sekolah Taman Kreativitas Anak Indonesia (TKAI), a school that emphasizes active learning program and multiple intelligence so that the children’s potential can be observed and developed thoroughly. Currently TKAI has two branches in Jakarta. Romi is also a lecturer in the Department of Educational Psychology at University of Indonesia and is currently serving as the Head of the Applied Psychology Masters Program at the Faculty of Psychology, University of Indonesia. As an academic, she has produced a number of studies related to Multiple Intelligence and Creativity. Romi has also published 7 series of books on Multiple Intelligence for parents and teachers as well as books about creativity. Romi has completed her Bachelor’s, Masters and Doctoral degrees in the Faculty of Psychology Universitas Indonesia.





12. Dr. Muhammad Qodari, S.Psi., MA

Dr. Muhammad Qodari, S.Psi, MA, is an observer and researcher of Indonesian national politics. Qodari is currently serving as the Executive Director of Indo Barometer (IB), an independent research institute which periodically captures the socio-political behavior of the people in Indonesia. Indo Barometer was found by Qodari in 2004, and until now Indo Barometer has produced many surveys in the political and social field in Indonesia, one of them is “Public Evaluation and National Issues in the 100 Days of Jokowi-Amin’s Administration” survey which was recently published on February 16, 2020. As a political observer, Qodari often provides his perspective and analysis related to a number of political parties in Indonesia. Before serving as the Executive Director of IB, he has been the Deputy Executive Director of the Indonesian Survey Circle (LSI), Research Director of the Indonesian Survey Institute (LSI), Chief Editor, Candidate Magazine, Campaign and Election Magazine, and Researcher at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS). Qodari completed his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at the Faculty of Psychology Universitas Indonesia, and continued towards postgraduate level at the University of Essex, England by studying in-depth about political behavior, and then finished his doctoral program (S-3) in the field of Political Science at Gajah Mada University, Yogyakarta.





13. Isdar Andre Marwan, Psi

Isdar Andre Marwan, Psi has been becoming a Director Career Services in Mercer Indonesia since 2019. At Mercer Indonesia, Isdar specializes in HR strategy, organizational design, compensation & benefit, performance management, as well as HR readiness on supporting business transformation. He has been a reputable company consultant in the industry of banking, energy & mining, manufacturing, and FMCG in Indonesia and Asia Pacific. With more than 23 years of experience, Isdar is able to change individuals and culture in the workplace by applying appropriate solutions. One of his achievements is delivering Manulife Organization towards gaining acknowledgement as the Best Company to Work for in Indonesia for three consecutive years in 2016, 2017 and 2018. In addition, Isdar is able to lead organizational effectiveness in Permata Bank, Manulife Indonesia and HSBC Indonesia, and in Sri Lanka with satisfactory results in terms of layers, span of control and cost savings. He contributed to the development of human resource and leadership in Indonesia through sharing his knowledge in various seminars and facilitating various workshops and training. Isdar received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the Faculty of Psychology Universitas Indonesia.





14. Dr. Lilik Sudarwati A, S.Psi., M.H

Dr. Lilik Sudarwati A, S.Psi., M.H was a former world champion badminton athlete, academician, and practitioner in the field of sports. Lilik Has been serving as the Chairman of the Sports Science & Science-and-Technology Division of National Sports Committee of Indonesia (as know as KONI) for the period of 2019-2023, and also as a Commissioner and assessor of the National Sports Accreditation and Standardization Agency (as known as BSANK) for the period of 2020-2024. As the Head of Sport Science & Science-and-Technology in KONI, one of Lilik’s duties is to be responsible for holding seminars and training for athletes and also the Indonesian Sports Management Team. One of the seminars held through the Field of Sport Science & Science-and-Technology of KONI was held in 2020 which focuses on the psychological perspective of athletes. This seminar aimed to develop the capacity of athletes, coaches, and psychologists that accompany sports teams in understanding the mental concept of winners. From 2017 until now Lilik has been active as the Deputy Chair of Perkumpulan Ilmuwan dan Psikolog Olahraga (PIPO). Aside from being active in sports organizations, Lilik is also productive and was involved in writing scholarly papers, for example “Mental Champion for Achieving Athletes’ Capital”, “Coach & Referee Psychologist” and several other works. Lilik took Bachelor’s education at the Faculty of Psychology University Indonesia and then completed her Masters and Doctoral degrees in the field of Law at Trisakti University, Jakarta.







15. Sutjahja Nugroho

Sutjahja Nugroho was the Director of Human Capital, General Support, and Corporate Communication of PT Federal International Finance (FIFGROUP) for the 2012-2020 period. FIFGROUP is the subsidiary company of PT Astra International that specifically engages in the field of retail finance for motorcycles. During his tenure, Sutjahja was involved in a number of CSR activities and providence of facilities as well as improvement for the quality of FIFGROUP employees, one of them was in 2019 when Sutjahja held an activity called Experience Learning for Student (EXPLORE), which aimed to provide support for vocational high schools in Indonesia by giving facilities for work practice. In the same year, for his contributions Sutjahja was awarded “Human Capital Director, The Most Outstanding Human Capital Director” in the Indonesian Human Capital Award V. Sutjahja completed his undergraduate education at the Faculty of Psychology Universitas Indonesia.






16. Prof. Dr. H. Irwan Prayitno, S.Psi., M.Sc

Prof. Dr. H. Irwan Prayitno, S.Psi., M.Sc is an educational academician and Indonesian politician. He has been serving as the Governor of West Sumatra for two time periods, which are in the periods of 2010-2015 and 2016-2021 by winning the West Sumatra Governor election. While governing Irwan had given notable contributions in the field of economy, education, and environment for West Sumatra. In the year of 2019 the economical growth of West Sumatra province has achieved the maximum output and acknowledged as the best, nationally. Not only that in the year 2020 Irwan received the award of Nirwasita Tantra from The Ministry of Environment and Forestry for his service and leadership in formulating the developmental policy to fix environment quality in the province of West Sumatra. Irwan also accepted the award from Padang city for his service in the field of Education. Prior to that, he is also well known as the founder of Yayasan Pendidikan Adzkia, an Islamic institution providing education from the levels of pre-school to university. Aside from his leadership as a governor, Irwan is a politician with lobbying skills. Also, Irwan is the Human Resources Management Professor at Universitas Muhammadiyah Jakarta who actively writes and does da’wah. Irwan finished his school education in Padang, then continued and completed his studies in the Faculty of Psychology Universitas Indonesia.







17. Najelaa Shihab

Najelaa Shihab, or commonly called Ela is known as an educational activist in Indonesia. Her interest in the world of education drives her to make notable contributions towards the development of education in Indonesia. In 1999 Ela established Sekolah Cikal, a school that focuses on the personality development and talents of each child. The uniqueness of each child is also considered and it makes every child have their own education plan. Currently in 2021 under Ela’s management and leadership, Sekolah Cikal already has 6 branches spread in the areas of Jakarta and Surabaya. While developing Sekolah Cikal, Ela also founded Rumah Main Cikal, a playhouse designed and dedicated to equip young children (6 months – 48 months). Apart from establishing schools, in 2019 Ela initiated a digital platform named Sekolahmu which was the first blended learning application in Indonesia. In 2016 she also initiated a network called ‘Semua Murid Semua Guru’ meaning ‘All Students All Teachers’, which was a joint movement that invited the public to further improve education in Indonesia, especially in remote areas. She also contributed by founding a site called Inibudi.org in 2012, with the goal of giving solutions to make education easier to access. Ela has Bachelor and Masters degrees from the Faculty of Psychology Universitas Indonesia and has been a member of the lecturer team for psychology courses in university such as Developmental Psychology, Cognitive and Learning in Children, Family Development, Psychology Scale Response Methods, and thesis seminar.







18. Dr. Seto Mulyadi, S.Psi., M.Si.

Dr. Seto Mulyadi, S.Psi., M.Si. or well known as Kak Seto, is a child psychologist and educational practitioner for childs in Indonesia. Kak Seto sees that every child is unique in principle and they all have the same right to receive education that they deserve for themselves. Based on this philosophy, in 2007 kak Seto established an alternative school named Homeschooling kak Seto (HSKS), by giving alternative education that places students in the center with a “homey” or personal approach at home. This “home-y” approach made the students more comfortable in studying because they can learn the things they are really interested in. HSKS facilitates the student’s education so they will have the life skills and character aspects that are essential to be the nation’s future leader.

Until 2021, the educational level provided at HSKS starts from elementary school, middle school, to high school. Currently HSKS already has 3 branches spread in Tangerang, Bekasi and Pekanbaru. In 2018, under Kak Seto’s guidance, HSKS received Appreciation Family Friends School from the Ministry of Education and Culture. Kak Seto is also the founder of a primary school named Sekolah Kak Seto (SKS) a formal education for the elementary level and also founded the Sekolah Khusus Kak Seto (SKKS) for students with special needs. Apart from establishing educational institutions, he also served as the General Chairman of the National Commission for the Protection of Indonesian Children in 1998. Kak Seto completed his bachelor’s degree (1981), master’s degree (1989), and doctoral degree (1993) at the Faculty of Psychology University Indonesia.







19. Desy Ratnasari, M.Psi., M.Si

Desy Ratnasari, M.Psi., M.Si is an Indonesian actress, model, commercial actress, singer, host, and politician. Since 2014, Desy has been elected as a member of Indonesia’s House of Representatives. Then she has been re-elected as a member of Indonesia’s House of Representatives Commission X in the 2019 elections. As a member of parliament, Desy was involved in many activities in the fields of education, youth, sports, libraries, tourism, and creative economy. Currently, in addition to being a representative, Desy serves as the Chairman of Regional Executive Board for Partai Amanat Nasional in West Java Province for the 2020-2025 period. Desy completed her Bachelor’s degree Psychology at Unika Atmajaya and continued her Masters in Applied Psychology at the Faculty of Psychology Universitas  Indonesia.





20. Patria Priharmoko

Patria Priharmoko or Koko is a social worker who has been serving as a counselor at the United Nations Assistance Mission in Somalia / United Nations Support Office for Somalia (UNSOM / UNSOS) since 2015. As a counselor Koko has been responsible for providing supportive therapy in relieving stress caused by critical incident anytime and anywhere. In addition, Koko has been in charge of providing training sessions on “crisis and stress management” and “conflict resolution” according to the needs of UNSOM / UNSOS staff. His interest in social affairs has grown since college. In his college years, he was actively participated in several social activities as a volunteer. Since 2005, he has worked in institutions under the UN, UNFPA (UN Population Fund), UNDSS (UN Department of Safety and Security), and UNAMID (UN Hybrid Operation in Darfur). Koko earned his bachelor degree in psychology from the Faculty of Psychology, Universitas Indonesia and continued his master’s study in Communication at the Universitas Indonesia.






21. Dra. Riza Sarasvita, M.Si., MHS., Ph.D., Psikolog

Dra. Riza Sarasvita, M.Si., MHS., Ph.D., Psikolog has been becoming the Director of the Strengthening Government-based Drug Rehabilitation Centre of National Narcotics Agency or Badan Narkotika Nasional (BNN) Republik Indonesia for the period of 2017 to 2021. As the Rehabilitation Deputy, Riza has the task of compiling and implementing national policies and technical policies in Prevention, Eradication, Abuse and Illicit Narcotics programs. Under Riza’s leadership in 2019, BNN made a breakthrough from launching the Field Intervention Screening (Skrining Intervensi Lapangan) program through rehabilitation sector, which was a program that allowed professional and competent staffs from the community to do screening for the larger community in order to find individuals who need rehabilitation. In addition, during her tenure, Riza and her team also tried improving access of rehabilitation services to areas that are difficult to reach by holding Intervensi Berbasis Masyarakat (IBM) or Community Based Intervention programs. This includes Field Intervention Screening, Community Based Recovery and Recovery Agent. Through these programs, the community plays a role in providing services for narcotics abusers even in remote areas. Riza pursued her undergraduate education at the Faculty of Psychology Universitas Indonesia, then continued her studies and received Master of Health Science Field of Mental Health Study at The Johns Hopkins University, and earned her doctorate from the University of Adelaide.







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