Perspective students take notes! These are the mental preparation for National Universities.

Jakarta – The test based national entrance exam (SNBT) 2023 are still going. Perspective students that are interested will be further studying in order to get the best result.

According to Psychologist Faza Izzuddin Nuha, the exam participant has to prepare themselves for the best. Not only academically preparing themselves but also mentally preparing themselves so that they can do their exam calmly.

So how to prepare an Iron Will to face the national entrance exam?

“One the most important aspect is to prepare a correct mindset. A correct mindset is has an Important role to determine the result of the exam.” Faza said on Monday 10/04/2023.

Faza continued that in order to have the correct mindset, you have to know what is your purpose in doing the entrance exam. Knowing the purpose can help you to to stay focus and energized to pass the difficult exam times during exam preparation.

“After doing the exam itself, you have to have a positive attitude of the exam. This positive Atitude can be realized by optimism, confident, and seeing the exam as nothing more than a chance to study and to show own’s ability.” Faza said.

According to Faza, by focusing on the purpose of the exam we can avoid stress and anxiety that will hinder our mental aspect.

“Secondly is to create an effective study method. It is an aspect that is no less important to help prepare the mind for the exam.” Stated Faza.

On the other hand, psychologist Dr. Eva Septiana, M. Si. Stated that in order to create an effective study method, you have to consider between your ability and your needs during study.

You can set a target of what kind of materials that needs to be studied and mastered, daily time allocation that is consistent and is structured can help reduce anxiety that will help with readying oneself.

“Don’t forget to appreciate yourself for your tenacity and every advances that you made during your studies.” Eva continued.

The third method on mental preparation Eva stated are to keep your physical health on top shape as it will also affect you mentally before the exam. Sometimes we are to busy studying that we forgot to keep our physical health.

We need to understand that physical health also have a significant effect on our mental condition. We can keep our body’s health by getting enough sleep, eat nutritious food and regularly exercising.

Scientifically speaking sport has been proven to reduce stress, anxiety, and increase cognitive ability so that it will keep us in shape during the exam.

Fourth, managing your stress and anxiety during the times before the exam. Times before the exam can become a period full of stress and anxiety. It is important to get a way to effectively reduce stress and anxiety.

“You can do various relaxing activity such as doing yoga, writing, listening to music or simply doing your hobbies, walking, and others.” Eva said.

Then the fifth method is to have a support system, supporting voice can be an aspect that helps oneself on mental readiness when facing with the entrance exam.

“Support system such as families or friends can help you to stay motivated and focused on your progress.” Eva continued.

“Other than that a good support system can really help you by providing emotional support during troubled times. It will be more easier if you are surrounded by people who supports your dreams. Don’t be afraid to ask or tell others for help when you felt overwhelmed by the exam preparation times.” She finished.

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Writer : Faza Izzuddin Nuha S.Psi & Dr. Eva Septiana, M.Si., Psikolog

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