Embracing Diversity at the Faculty of Psychology Indonesia πŸŒπŸ“šπŸŽ“

During the 2022 /2023 even semester education year, seven students from various countries had the chance to study at Universitas Indonesia (UI) faculty of psychology. They felt that they are really impressed based on their experiences during one semester. Seven students from Ireland, Japan, South Korea, Germany, and China. They’re participants in the international class program for one semester at the faculty of psychology. They have experienced new things whether it’s on the academic field or non-academic field. The international program UI lectures are held in English, giving overseas students chance to gain academic experience at UI.

Other than academic activities, the seven students also participated on various non-academic program such as Students Activities Unit (UKM) and other activities that are held by the faculty of psychology UI. The combination of both academic and non-academic activities has given them a comprehensive experience on the students of students life in Indonesia. Their activities the semester is also supported the faculty comfortable facilities, lecturers that actively support them, also the other classmates that also actively helps them to adapt to the new environment. Even though there are several problem regarding adaptation at the beginning of the semester with the programs that the faculty held and support from lecturers and classmates really help with adapting. β€œAs an International Student I am really grateful for the chance to study and develop myself in an inclusive and kind environment. Studying psychology at UI has given me a chance to broaden my perspective and enrich my experience on various other ways. Thank you Universitas Indonesia!” Said one of the students.

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