Tarhib Ramadhan F. Psikologi UI 1443H “Ramadhan Morals in Work Productivity.

Thursday (31/3) The Faculty of Psychology of Indonesia (F. Psikologi UI) celebrated Tarhib Ramadhan 1443H through online methods. This event is routinely celebrated every year in accord with the coming of the holy month of Ramadhan. For this year Tarhib, the faculty of psychology bring out the theme of “The morals of Ramadhan in work productivity.” This event is attended by leaders, educational staff, academic administration staff, and a Representative from the faculty of psychology students alongside with invited guests.

The event is opened with readings from the Al Qur’An that is read by Umar and Rizska Meitica, S.Psi. as the translator. Continued by opening greetings by Faculty of Psychology Dean Dr. Bagus Takwin, M.Hum., In his opening greetings that the event is a great momentum for the coming of the holy month and hoping that the holy month can increase our focus and not reduce our productivity spirit while working.

The event is the continued with Sermons by Ust. Hamid. In his sermons he gives various knowledge that is based on the words from the Al-Qur’an. “It can not be denied that for some muslim the month of Ramadhan means work productivity is decreasing  especially  those that works on field that requires great physical ability. But on the other hand we will reduce our  vices or event make those vices disappear altogether as those kind of activity will be something that is useless when we fast and still doing negative activities,”

Furthermore he explains : When those vices has been decreased then positive activity will turn its head up making it the dominant thing inside of us that will leads to an increase in our productivity.  Things such as clear thinking, more focus on work, honesty, and patience and others. Those kind of thing will also reduce stress  and make us avoid things that is will uselessly throw away precious time and with it god willing we will become someone who is  far away from stress and have an easier time to control oneself.” He explained.

After the event, the event is concluded with prayers that is led by Ust. Hamid and group photo.

The leaders and whole family of faculty of psychology University of Indonesia would like to send its greeting to all. “Happy Ramadhan and Happy Fasting 1443H. Let’s use this chance to increase our prayers and faith so that in this holy month we will always receive blessings , Marhaban ya Ramadhan.  (Md)


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