F. UI Psychology Holds Webinar Health talk: “Ergonomics when working from home and office”

Depok (30/03/2022) Faculty of Psychology University of Indonesia cooperated alongside PT. Asuransi Central Asia (ACA),  PT Howden Insurance Brokers Indonesia, and RS Permata Depok, Held a Webminar Health Talk Series 1 with “Ergonom when working from home and office” as a theme.  The webminar is held online through the zoom platform.

This webminar has dr. Evi Rachmwati, SpKFR a medical rehabilitation doctor from RS Permata Depok as a speaker.

On the webminar, dr. Evi explained a research result that shows that for the last 2 years since the pandemic, complaints regarding musculoskeletal disorders or muscle pain that is caused from working from home has increased sharply. “We know on the current pandemic times, lots of back pains has increased and not only that complaints regarding people becoming even more fatter has increased.” She said.

Based on the research the age group that’s reported to have complaints regarding musculoskeletal is around 24 year old to 64 year old, an age group that’s part of the active workforce.

Continuing dr. Evi explained the word ergonomic  from the greek word ergon which mean work and nomo that means rules. Terminologically the understanding of ergonomic means a rule in which how people do work.

Based on knowledge ergonomics is a knowledge on work and people who works. The method is by designing an environment such as one’s workdesk or even machinery . As we understood what is ergonomics better we will be able to evade from musculoskeletal diseases  and keep our body to stay healthy. That’s why ergonomic is important because people who works too much can cause them injury whether physically or mentally.

Dr. Evi Explained further that people with ergonomics more likely to experience disease. Disease such as Carpal Tunnel, Tendinitis Shoulder or elbow, De Quervain’s, Herniated Discs/HNP, Rotator Cuff, Trigger Finger.

Here are some tips that dr Evi gives to avoid bad ergonomics

  1. Try to work when our body is in neutral posture.
  2. Put objects in reachable distance.
  3. Throw away Items that is not needed.
  4. Reduce wrong body posture, (Hunchback).
  5. Wear gloves when carrying heavy objects (Try to not lift objects that is more than 2kg).
  6. Whenever you’re typing  try to not push your wrist to hard, use a softer surface such as a mouse pad.

To reduce the effect when experiencing musculoskeletal, dr. Evi Recommends :

  1. Fix our ergonomics when working.
  2. Try to avoid staying still for a long time (Do stretches as much as possible.)
  3. Set the distance between your eyes and the monitor (Try to make a distance between 18-24cm).
  4. Set the brightness and contrast on your monitor.
  5. Use a foot pad when doing works that involves standing around for a long time.
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